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Customer Acquisition

Customer Retention

Continuous Improvement

Can’t Find Your Company’s Website in Google. Now What?

SEO, PPC Management and Local Search Marketing

Zeno Blue eMarketing is dedicated to generating more traffic and better website traffic for our clients. We have created a simple continuous cycle that will help any website get listed higher in the search engines. We analyze your website and your website’s competition to determine which if any of our services you need.

Zeno Blue eMarketing focuses on more than just search engine rankings and traffic. We devote effort to improving your sites usability and conversions.

Natural or Organic Search - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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We take a comprehensive, holistic approach to natural or organic search and Search Engine Optimization (SEO.)  We believe that the best, most sustainable results are achieved when all aspects of SEO are tackled. Taking care of technical issues, optimizing the content and building incoming links.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Setup and Management

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Like natural or organic SEO, Google AdWords and Yahoo! Sponsored Search PPC begins with focused keyword research.  We research the keywords that will bring you the best, most-qualified traffic for your business.  We write ad copy that engages your potential clients.

Local Search Marketing

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That map at the top of the search engine results? That's local search. Our quality optimization techniques have achieved excellent visibility for our clients in local search results. 1 in 3 folks searching the internet are looking for local businesses. 82% of these searches result in some sort of action, either visiting a store, making a reservation, or buying an item online.