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Concerned About Your Company's Internet Image?

Website traffic is only half of the equation – you also need to have a website that entices a visitor to take the action you want.

Website Design and Development

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Zeno Blue focuses on four critical aspects when designing an optimized website: aesthetics, usability, content and search engine friendliness.

Website Aesthetics

A website does not have to dazzle to be effective, but it should look professional. With so many folks beginning their search for products and services on the internet, your website will probably be responsible for making the first impression on a potential customer.


Zeno Blue focuses on making your site easier for your website visitors to use, which will lead to higher conversion rates.


Zeno Blue focuses on content that has 4 major components: 1) interrupt 2) engage 3) education and 4) offer.

Our goal is to figure out what is important to your prospect, show your prospect how to judge your industry, educate them on what constitutes the best deal in your industry, show proof that you provide that best deal and communicate that information to them in a way they believe and will take action upon.

Search Engine Friendliness

Folks often focus on the visual esthetics of a website. But in Search Engine Optimization terms, the most important aspect of web design is what’s going on behind the scenes. A search engine spider can’t see your website. It can only read the underlying code. Design elements like Flash, frames, fancy menus, and JavaScript may give a site an impressive look, but if not implemented correctly, they can make it difficult or even impossible for search engine spiders to index or craw your website.